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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Monster generation does not happen under most circumstances. In a few branches, or when holding the Orb of Zot, monsters will spawn over time.

Useful Info

Certain areas have a monster generation rate (MGR). Every 5 turns, there is a 5 / MGR chance of a monster spawning somewhere on the level; a higher value means a slower spawn rate. The monster will usually fit the branch it was spawned in. Depending on circumstance, monsters may be forced to spawn near the player.

Outside of these areas, monster generation is disabled. This does not count summons, doom hounds, or other effects.

Where Monsters Spawn

  • Pandemonium: starts at 50. After 3k turns, it gradually rises until reaching 300 (at 15k turns).
  • Abyss: set to 5, so there is always a monster spawn every 5 turns.[1]
    • From Abyss:1-5, there is a Floor/5 chance that two monsters spawn.[2] In Abyss:6, three monsters always spawn, and in Abyss:7, four monsters always spawn. Also, spawns in A:6-7 may be forced to spawn near you.

For worshippers of Cheibriados, the MGR in the Abyss or while holding the Orb of Zot is doubled (halving the spawn rate).