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(people are free to revert this, but i think it's a useful distinction. disint is a damaging wand, but i think the MR-resistible effect is more important)
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| [[wand of slowing]] || 5.6%
| [[wand of slowing]] || 5.6%
| '''Total MR-resistible wands''' || '''33.9%'''
| '''Total MR-resistible wands''' || '''33.9%'''

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Version 0.12: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Type Wand
Name Wand of random effects
Icon Wand of random effects.png
A magical device which can produce a variety of effects.

“[The principle of selection] is the magician’s wand, by means of which he may summon into life whatever form and mould he pleases.”

-William Youatt, _Sheep: their breeds, management, and diseases; to which is added the Mountain Shepherd's Manual_, ch. III. 1837.

A wand of random effects creates an unpredictable effect when zapped, emulating any other wand except for the wand of heal wounds. Although there are far more attack wands than support wands, its usefulness in combat is questionable. You must decide if it's worth the risk hasting, polymorphing, or rendering a dangerous enemy invisible.

Wand effect Probability
wand of flame 5.6%
wand of frost 5.6%
wand of magic darts 5.6%
wand of fire 5.6%
wand of cold 5.6%
wand of fireball 5.6%
wand of lightning 5.6%
wand of draining 4.7%
Total damaging wands 44.7%
wand of enslavement 5.9%
wand of disintegration 5.6%
wand of teleportation 5.6%
wand of confusion 5.6%
wand of paralysis 5.6%
wand of slowing 5.6%
Total MR-resistible wands 33.9%
wand of hasting 5.6%
wand of invisibility 5.6%
Total bad wands 11.2%
wand of digging 5.6%
wand of polymorph 5.6%
Total neutral wands 11.2%

Tips & Tricks

  • Followers of good gods risk penance, since wands of draining are forbidden to them.
  • Out of wands of digging? A wand of random effects might eventually create a digging effect, if you have enough charges.