Air elemental fan

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Type Miscellaneous item
Name air elemental fan
Icon Air elemental fan.png
A magical device for summoning air elementals. It is rather unreliable, and usually requires several attempts to function correctly. Using it carries an element of risk, which is reduced if one is skilled in the appropriate elemental magic.

An air elemental fan is an evocable item which summons an air elemental from an adjacent air-containing tile as though you'd cast the Summon Elemental spell. The higher your Evocations skill, the more likely the device is to work, while having a high Air Magic skill increases the likelihood of the air elemental being allied to you instead of hostile:

Selecting the skills you want to be trained

Getting one friendly summons is guaranteed by Air Magic skill 15, two are guaranteed by 18, etc. up to an effective max of five summons at Air Magic skill 27.


Air elemental summoning requires the most elemental skill for successfully using an elemental evocation device. This makes them less than ideal for players looking to gain a few levels in a secondary skill in order to gain access to some allies; a lamp of fire only requires 10 Fire Magic skill, while a stone of earth elementals only requires 5 Earth Magic skill. That being said, an air elemental fan and enough skill to summon at least a few friendly air elementals is enough to take down a diamond obelisk, though it'll still take several hundred turns.


In 0.13 this item was replaced by the fan of gales.