Book of Conjurations (ice+air)

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Type Book
Name Book of Conjurations [air+ice]
Spells Type Level
a - Magic Dart Conjuration 1
b - Throw Frost Conjuration/Ice 2
c - Mephitic Cloud Conjuration/Poison/Air 3
d - Static Discharge Conjuration/Air 4
f - Lightning Bolt Conjuration/Air 5
e - Bolt of Cold Conjuration/Ice 6


A very good starting book for conjurers. Magic Dart is cheap and unresistable, but deals little damage. Throw Frost does decent damage and is cheap enough for use as a staple attack spell well into the late early game. Mephitic Cloud is an extremely powerful debuff, crippling most low-level casters and archers so that you can escape or kill with Throw Frost. Bolt of Cold is too expensive (especially in food) for regular use until the endgame, but does extremely high damage and is useful for crises. Static Discharge is tricky to use and often ignored.

This book has one major weakness, though - it lacks any effective means to harm monsters that resist cold and poison, that is undead. While most early undead can be handled with kiting and Magic Dart, early ice conjurers live in fear of fast zombies, in particular the dreaded wyvern zombie. Player ghosts can also pose a problem due to poison resistance, but can be overpowered in most cases with Bolt of Cold, as can be most undead enemies.


One of the starting books for conjurers. It used to be known as Book of Conjurations (ice).