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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
The Conjurer specialises in the violent and destructive magic of conjuration spells. Like Wizards, the Conjurer starts with the Magic Dart spell, in their case from a library of destructive conjurations.

Conjurers are offensive spellcasters who specialize in violent and volatile non-elemental Conjurations. Relative to other magical backgrounds, they begin the game with a great Conjurations skill, and the most Intelligence of any background.

Preferred Species

Deep Elf, Naga, Tengu, Draconian, Djinni, and Demigod are the recommended species if you pick a Conjurer Background.

Starting Equipment

Some species may receive different items based on their unique restrictions.

Available Spells:

Conjurers start with the Magic Dart spell already memorised.

Starting Skills and Stats

These are adjusted by your species' aptitudes.

Choosing Conjurer adds 10 to your starting Intelligence, 3 to your starting Dexterity, but reduces starting Strength by 1.


The Conjurer starting book contains a variety of pure Conjurations attack spells. Once they get to XL 2, Conjurers receive a variety of strong, reliable, and irresistible spells to inflict damage on their foes. This puts them in stark contrast to elementalists and Alchemists, who may face enemies that resist their spells.

The Conjurations skill is very flexible; contributing to the power and failure of many elemental spells, if/when you get them.

Spell Details

Conjurers have access to Searing Ray at XL2, a strong overall spell, if a bit plain. It can be recast for only 1 MP by waiting (pressing '.', also automatically done with autofight). Their starting spell, Magic Dart is somewhat weaker. Magic Dart has a few benefits; it never misses and has a full-screen range.

Both Fulminant Prism and Iskenderun's Mystic Blast are very useful, though you should generally get Prism first (since it deals more damage). Prism creates a stationary summon; after 2 turns, it explodes in a 3×3 area. Against a 100% speed monster, you should put a prism one space ahead - but not in the direct path of - the monster. That way, you don't get hurt and the monster does.

Iskenderun's Mystic Blast is a support spell great for knocking enemies back, or damaging multiple enemies. Surrounded? Say no more; it's just as potent as, and more reliable than, Blink for this purpose.


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