Crystal ball of Wucad Mu

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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
A perfect sphere of crystal, overflowing with magical energies.

Crystal ball of wucad mu.png the crystal ball of Wucad Mu


Channel (Energy x2)


An orb of energy with double the refund rate.

When successfully casting a spell, you have a 40% chance to have the full MP refunded. When you miscast a spell, you will always have MP refunded. However, it increases your raw spell failure chance by +10%. (For reference, the first stack of wizardry reduces raw spell failure by x75%.)

Note that this does not mean that your spell failure actually increases by +10%, as its modified by a function. See the Spell Success page for details.


The crystal ball of Wucad Mu[1] is useful for magical characters. It restores a significant portion of your MP, at the cost of negative wizardry. Since this orb always refunds MP on miscast, it's best thought as "making you waste a few turns here or there" rather than "making you fail more often".

However, it takes up the shield slot, reducing your defense. In addition, the mana reduction is not guaranteed, meaning you can run out of MP without the orb activating once. Regardless, being able to cast spells a few more times can make the difference between victory and running dry mid-fight. Overall, it is a powerful item balanced by its fair share of drawbacks.

Characters who do not plan to cast spells at all have no use for this orb.