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Version 0.26: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
This page describes the Dispersal spell. For the ammunition brand, see Dispersal (brand).
Dispersal.png Dispersal
Level 6
School1 Translocation
Source(s) There-And-Back Book
Book of the Warp
Casting noise 5
Spell noise 0
Power Cap 200
Range 1-4
Flags Area, Escape
Teleports away any creatures within a short distance of the caster. Any creature that resists the effect will still be irresistibly blinked a shorter distance, and any monster it affects at all has a chance of being confused by the warping of space.

Dispersal is a level 6 Translocations spell which attempts to clear away all monsters adjacent to you.


If the spell manages to beat a monster's willpower, the monster is instantly teleported away. If the spell fails, the monster will blink away, even if they have infinite willpower.

If there is not enough space for the monsters that would have blinked, they may get confused instead. This may happen, for example, if you go down the stairs and arrive in a very small room filled with enemies.

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Prior to 0.12, there was only a 50% chance that the monster would blink away when the teleport attempt failed.