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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Evaporate.png Evaporate
Level 2
School1 Fire
School2 Transmutation
Casting noise 2
Spell noise 15
This spell heats a potion to the point that it explodes when thrown. The resultant steam is then transmuted into a large cloud, the type of which varies from potion to potion. Of course, the volatile potion must be thrown immediately for the spell to work.

The Evaporate spell allows the caster to throw a magically heated potion that explodes into a cloud of up to 3x3 squares. The exact effect produced depends entirely on the kind of potion used (see list below). As many of the "bad" potions you can find produce powerful effects, this spell works very well alongside Fulsome Distillation.

Potion Cloud (Odds) Duration (Multiplier)
Water, Porridge Steam 1
Confusion, Slowing Mephitic 1
Paralysis Mephitic 2
Poison Poison 1
Strong Poison Poison 2
Degeneration Poison or Miasma 2
Decay Miasma 2
Berserker Rage Steam or Flame 1
(Coagulated) Blood Mephitic, Flame, or Steam 1
Mutation Mutagenic 1
Gain X/Gain Exp/Magic Flame (16.7%), Freezing (16.7%), Poison (16.7%), Miasma (16.7%), or Mixed (33.2%) 1
Other Flame (7.7%), Mephitic (7.7%), Freezing (7.7%), Poison (7.7%), Mixed (7.7%), Colored Fog (23%), or Steam (38.5%). 1

Mixed clouds have their squares individually randomized from all available cloud types. The duration of the cloud increases with spell power.

Tips & Tricks

Evaporate is the cheap swiss army knife of toxic clouds. It's usually used by transmuters in conjunction with the Fulsome Distillation spell, which provides ideal "ammo".

The spell will duplicate the far more difficult Mephitic Cloud or Poisonous Cloud, or produce dreaded Miasma in the same quantities (Miasma's poison/slow combination can take out Orc Knights with a single use)! Even clouds of steam can soften or kill snakes and hobgoblins or fleeing enemies, and later it can cut off LOS to dangerous ranged attackers or orc priests. A deadly one-two punch is to lead off with a mephitic cloud to confuse opponents, and as the clouds dissipate, replace them with poison or miasma for the victims to mill in and out of. And occasional clouds of flame or stranger stuff is nothing to sneer at.

Mutagenic fog is probably best avoided; it provides bad mutations for you and repeated polymorphs for monsters.


  • Evaporate was removed in 0.12.
  • Prior to 0.10, Evaporate would always produce a 3x3 cloud. It was changed to produce smaller clouds in later versions of the game.
  • Prior to 0.8, you could not blink into dangerous clouds, making Evaporate an excellent way to help steer where an uncontrolled blink would place you.