Gell's Gavotte

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Trunk-only: This article pertains to a feature of Crawl which is being tested. It will likely change before the next release, and may even be removed entirely.
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Briefly reorients local gravity to be in a cardinal direction of the caster's choosing, causing all creatures in sight to tumble a short distance in that direction.

The caster is not immune to the gravitational effects of this spell, but will be cushioned so they take no collision damage. Other creatures are not so fortunate, and the abrupt impact will batter anything which was not already standing beside its new 'floor'.

It takes a short time for gravity to stabilize enough to recast this spell, though more powerful mages are able to do so more frequently.

Gell's Gavotte is a level 6 Translocations spell that lets the caster temporarily reorient gravity in a cardinal direction of their choices, moving everything that isn't tied down 4 tiles in that direction, potentially falling into walls and each other. This includes the caster, so the spell can be used for repositioning in some situations. Note that players in Tree Form and players with stasis cannot be moved by the spell.

Enemies only take collision damage if they move at least one space from this effect.

The -Gavotte cooldown lasts from 5 - power/50 to 9 - power/50 turns.

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  • In 0.32, this spell will be added to the game.