Amulet of stasis

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

Type Jewellery
Name Amulet of stasis
Icon Amulet of stasis.png
An amulet meticulously constructed with magical wards to block magical and physiological effects that would otherwise teleport, slow, haste, enrage, or paralyse its wearer. Equipping it whilst already under such an effect will immediately end the effect, causing a large amount of magical contamination in the process.

While the amulet is effective against most translocular magic, plane shifts such as banishment are beyond its ability to block.

Wearing an amulet of stasis protects you from a wide variety of time and space altering effects, whether you want them to occur or not:

You suffer no ill effect for blocking any of these effects in this way. Alternatively, you can equip an amulet of stasis to immediately dispel any of these effects that you may already be suffering from, but doing so will give you a sizable amount of magic contamination.

An amulet of stasis will not block any of the following:


Many of the unwanted effects it protects against can also be blocked through high magic resistance, making this amulet generally unnecessary. There are some situations in which having an amulet of stasis is useful, however:

  • Guaranteed immunity to paralysis can be a lifesaver. The Slime Pits, for example, are filled with giant eyeballs whose paralysis does not check MR.
  • It can be used to get past an inconveniently placed teleport trap, e.g. one placed at a choke point in Zot:5 or Tomb:1. Or, to use a teleport trap as a cache.
  • When fighting an enemy armed with arrows of dispersal or a teleport spell.
  • One of the possible death curses from killing a mummy is being irresistibly slowed. Wearing one in the Tomb or on a mummy-themed Ziggurat floor may be wise.
  • Another possible use for it is to prevent the berserkitis mutation from activating at unwanted times - although an amulet of clarity does this just as well with no downsides. In the same vein, if you inadvertently gain teleportitis or equip a cursed ring of teleportation with no scrolls of remove curse, this amulet will counter them.


In 0.18, the amulet of stasis was removed. The only way to obtain stasis is by being a Formicid.

Prior to 0.14, amulets of stasis would remain unidentified until they successfully prevented or dispelled an effect.