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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Invisible is a status effect which renders the target unseen except through see invisible. It functions differently depending on whether it affects a player or a monster.

Player Version

If a monster does not have see invisible, you get the following bonuses against them:


  • Attackers have their to-hit (accuracy) reduced against you, and there's a chance to target the wrong tile entirely.
    • Melee to-hit is reduced by -35%. Ranged attack to-hit is reduced by -50%.
  • You can make low-tier stabs. (See the Stabbing article for details)
  • Enemy SH is divided by 3.


  • Sleeping / wandering monsters are less likely to notice you.
  • Monsters are less likely to use certain spells or abilities against you.
  • Monsters don't know your exact position. See below for details.

Guessing your Position
Generally, monsters that can't see you will act like they are confused, without the chance of always moving "correctly". However, they have a chance of guessing your position:

  • Seeking monsters will randomly target a nearby tile when the player is within two tiles.[1]
  • Monsters have a 33% chance to guess the player's tile if the player is right next to them.[2]
    • Monsters of human intelligence have an extra 8% chance to guess the player's position.
    • Ashenzari penance improves the chance of guessing by 50%.

Invisibility has no effect if:


You can become invisible by:

Regardless of source, player invisibility lasts for 15 + 1d(spell power) turns (max: 100 turns).[4]


Almost every character benefits tremendously from being invisible. Many difficult enemies can not see invisible, from most monsters in the Spider's Nest, Swamp, and Shoals, to draconians and death cobs in Zot, to hellions and tormentors in extended. Ghost moths, themselves invisible, are a pertinent threat to all visible casters. Stealthy stabbers benefit most - it greatly enhances your effective stealth and your damage output in melee.

Despite the benefits, there are a few downsides to invisibility:

  • The list of monsters capable of seeing invisible is unfortunately rather large (see Category:See invisible), making the status effect completely useless against them. By the time you get a reliable means of invisibility, more and more monsters won't care.
  • Every method of turning invisible has its own quirks:
    • Potions are reliable, but are rare and come in limited quantity.
    • Evocable invisibility is a renewable source of invisibility. But finding a source isn't guaranteed. And, even with Evocations training, the drain is a very significant cost.
    • Shadow Form requires significant Invocations training to be reliable, carries a significant MP and piety cost, drains you when activated, further drains you when you take damage, all the while reducing your damage output and spellpower.

As you progress, and as more monsters gain SInv), invisibility shifts from "a buff that can kill most things outright" to "a defense against common/weak monsters". Being invisible won't help one bit against an orb of fire, but it'll make nearby draconians less likely to hit you.

Tips & Tricks

  • Note that monsters will remember your old position. Therefore, you should move a few tiles after becoming invisible. That way, monsters are much less likely to target the right tile.
  • Dazzling Flash or a wand of light (if it has generated) replicate invisibility. These effects blind opponents; a blind opponent treats you as invisible, even if they have see invisible. However, the former can fail, and the latter has a limited number of uses.

Monster Version

Invisible monsters are very dangerous to a player who cannot see invisible. If you cannot see invisible, then in melee with invisible monsters:

  • Your block rolls are divided by three.
  • You suffer a -10 penalty to your EV against their melee attacks
  • You suffer a -6 penalty to your melee to-hit number against invisible monsters.

On top of that, invisible monsters cannot be seen either within your line of sight or on the map, and if you actually manage to guess which tile they're in and attack them, you receive significantly less information than normal (the monster is referred to as "something" rather than by its actual name).


Permanently invisible

These monsters are permanently, inherently invisible:

Casters of invisibility

Some spellcasting monsters can make themselves invisible:

This effect has a finite duration, but the monster can always recast it after it has run out.

Potion users

Monsters who know how to use potions may use potions of invisibility to make themselves invisible. This effect has a finite duration, but the monster may be able to reapply the effect by quaffing another potion (if it has one).

Detecting invisible monsters

See invisible

If you have the see invisible intrinsic, invisible monsters gain no benefits against you. You can acquire this in the following ways:


Under some circumstances, a target may become backlit (also known as glowing). This renders its invisibility ineffective, and actually makes it easier to hit than normal. Backlighting occurs whenever:

  • An invisible target is affected by the Corona status (must overcome willpower).
  • An invisible, corporeal target (i.e. one that is not insubstantial) is covered with Sticky Flames, unless it's standing in water (which immediately extinguishes the flames).
  • An invisible creature enters a halo.
  • The player suffers from significant amounts of magical contamination (yellow or worse).

Invisible monsters revealed as a disturbance

All invisible monsters will occasionally leave disturbances while invisible, represented by a white humanoid outline if playing in tiles or by the { glyph if playing in console. If you attack a square and the monster does not move from that square, the monster will be revealed as a disturbance until it moves (the only invisible monsters likely to shift position without you moving first are unseen horrors).

All corporeal invisible monsters create disturbances when passing through an opaque cloud (e.g. fog, steam), revealing their position (but not any further information). Do note that this only applies to monsters -- invisible players are not revealed in clouds. Anything the player can do to create clouds when an invisible creature is near will aid him in determining that creature's location:

Additionally, any invisible creature, including the player, standing or swimming (e.g. not flying) in liquid (shallow water, deep water, and lava) is always visible as a disturbance.