Ignis (monster)

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
ignis *
HP 6-12
HD 1
XP 2
Speed 12
AC 0
EV 10
Will 4

Resistances rN+++, rTorm,
rRot+++, rSticky,
rConstr, rDrown
Vulnerabilities None
Habitat Land
Intelligence Plant
Uses Uses nothing
Holiness Non-living
Size Small
Type ignis, ignis
Flags Fake spells
Maintain range
Silence immune
A tiny ball of light that flits and flickers at the edge of your vision.

“When Alexander the Great addressed him with greetings, and asked if he wanted anything, Diogenes replied "Yes, stand a little out of my sunshine.."”
-Plutarch, _Alexander_. 75.

Useful Info

An ignis is a swift but fragile nonliving monster that maintains its distance while spamming you with Corona. They can be found in the Abyss.


Spell set
Slot1 Corona
Slot2 none
Slot3 none
Slot4 none
Slot5 none
Slot6 none

Tips & Tricks

The bonus Corona gives to enemy accuracy may not be as dangerous as the massive penalty it applies to your stealth. While high magic resistance will render them almost harmless, it's best not to let them live, and sneaky characters should be extremely careful traveling while illuminated.


Ignes were considered for inclusion in 0.14, but were disabled shortly after being introduced and later removed before making it into any stable release.