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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

Jester was a background that was briefly available in trunk for the week following April Fool's Day in 2013, shortly before the release of 0.12. Their most distinct feature was that they started off worshiping Nemelex Xobeh while simultaneously being under penance from Xom. Starting equipment included a cap, robe, Book of Party Tricks, quarterstaff of chaos, and a stack of pies (see below for details).

While jesters only existed briefly, many players pulled off successful jester ascensions, including a number of all-runers. Strangely enough, demigods were able to select this background in spite of their normal religious restrictions. While not every species saw an ascending jester, most did.

Jester is also a piety title for Nemelex.

Unique Items

The jester came with two items not available to any other character:

  • Cap Jester.png A +0 cap with a unique tile.
  • Pie.png A stack of 4 pies. Although they primarily functioned as food items which restored 1500 nutrition, they also functioned as Throwing weapons which dealt damage on par with a dart, weighed 0.6 aum each, and would temporarily blind the target you struck.
A custard pie. It appears anachronistically dangerous.

"And from that moment on I could not banish Oedipus's terrible end from my mind: putting his own eyes out with a pin after hearing those fateful words that Tiresias had uttered and being present when his mother hanged herself."

-- Fernando Vidal Olmos, Report on the Blind Ernesto Sabato, On Heroes and Tombs, Translated by Helen R. Lane