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Version 0.20: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
This page is about the player species. For the monster, see Demigod (monster).
Demigods are mortals with some divine or angelic ancestry, however distant; they can be created by a number of processes, including magical experiments and the time-honoured practice of interplanar miscegenation.

Demigods look more or less like members of their mortal part's species, but have excellent attributes (Str, Int, Dex) and are extremely robust; they can also draw on great supplies of magical energy. On the downside, they advance more slowly in experience than any other race, gain skills slightly less quickly than Humans and, due to their status, cannot worship the various gods and powers available to other races.


Innate Abilities

  • Demigods have High MP 1, giving them 10% more mana than average.

Demigods have a base Strength of 11, Intelligence of 12 and Dexterity of 11 (before Background modifiers). They have two extra base magic points.

Preferred Backgrounds

Due to their religious restriction, Demigods are prohibited from becoming Berserkers, Abyssal Knights, Chaos Knights, or Monks.

Level Bonuses

  • Two stat points of your choice (of the same attribute) every third level.
  • 10% more HP than average.
  • +4 magic resistance per level.

Starting Equipment and Skills

Demigods receive the equipment and skills listed for their chosen background.

Difficulty of Play


Demigods can be a difficult species to play, in part due to their mediocre aptitudes across the board and slow levelling, but primarily due to their inability to worship a god. One's choice of god is a major strategic element, and a dependable crutch, in a game that is otherwise ruled by chance. Giving up the ability to worship any god puts much greater pressure on the player to use his or her starting resources to full advantage, and to adapt to whatever happens to spawn throughout the game. On the plus side, Demigods have large HP and magic pools, and have by far the highest base attributes and growth of any species. While Demigods tend to be a challenging species compared to others, they are not ill-suited for any background they can choose.

Skill aptitudes

The higher the value, the better the aptitude.

Skill Aptitude Skill Aptitude Skill Aptitude
Attack Miscellaneous Magic
Fighting -1 Armour -1 Spellcasting -2
Short Blades -1 Dodging -1 Conjurations -1
Long Blades -1 Stealth 0 Hexes -1
Axes -1 Shields -1 Charms -1
Maces & Flails -1 Summonings -1
Polearms -1 Necromancy -1
Staves -1 Translocations -1
Unarmed Combat -1 Transmutation -1
Fire Magic -1
Throwing -1 Ice Magic -1 Invocations N/A
Slings -1 Air Magic -1 Evocations -1
Bows -1 Earth Magic -1
Crossbows -1 Poison Magic -1 Experience -2

Tips & Tricks

  • The Dungeon Overview screen (Ctrl+O) doesn't display known altars for Demigods, as it is of no use to them.


Prior to 0.19, Demigods had innate sustain abilities.

Prior to 0.17, Demigods didn't have an innate High MP mutation, although they got a similar percentage bonus from their MP aptitude.

Prior to 0.16, Demigods gained one random stat every second level instead of gaining two stats of their choice every third level. They also lacked innate sustain abilities.

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