List of deep dwarves

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Version 0.25: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

This page is about the various deep dwarf monsters. For the player race, see deep dwarf.

Deep dwarves are a strange people who live deep in the cold earth, worshiping gods of death and practicing Necromancy. They do not heal naturally but are generally well-armed, and their deep dwarf damage shaving provides surprising resilience to all forms of harm.

Hostile deep dwarves have largely been phased out of Crawl, as their lack of regeneration made fighting them very low-risk. While they were still present, they could occasionally be found roving in the Abyss, though you might also have encountered them in various death- and necromancy-themed branches and vaults. Nowadays, if you see a deep dwarf, it's usually a shapeshifter.

Deep Dwarf Types

q Deep dwarf (monster).png Deep dwarf - Vaguely sturdy melee fighters with damage shaving but no ability to heal.

Retired Deep Dwarves

q Deep dwarf artificer.png Deep dwarf artificer - Ranged opponents that carried wands or rods.

q Deep dwarf scion.png Deep dwarf scion - Deep dwarf foot soldiers, better trained and equipped than their generic brethren.

q Deep dwarf berserker.png Deep dwarf berserker - Savage Trog worshipers in search of carnage.

q Deep dwarf necromancer.png Deep dwarf necromancer - Moderately powerful necromancers who wielded negative energy attacks.

q Deep dwarf death knight.png Deep dwarf death knight - Stark worshipers of Yredelemnul armed with powerful necromantic abilities.

q Unborn deep dwarf.png Unborn deep dwarf - Deep dwarven liches with an extremely potent array of evil spells and the ability to cast Mirror Damage.