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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

Jellies are amorphous creatures that serve Jiyva, the god of slime. They mindlessly seek out and consume anything digestible in their quest to reproduce endlessly. Players should be careful around them, as their melee attacks are often acidic, greatly reducing your AC and weapon damage (though some jellies pack different capabilities). They can be found in great numbers in the Slime Pits, and they occasionally appear in other branches as well.

All jellies are immune to nets, webs, and constriction.

Followers of Jiyva have nothing to fear from any kind of jelly, but worshipping Jiyva allows local jellies to consume items off the floor for the glory of the slime god.

Jelly Types

J Endoplasm.png Endoplasm- Animate dungeon crud, endoplasms are only dangerous to the very inexperienced. They occasionally freeze their surroundings.

J Jelly.png Jelly- A simple blob of acidic goo. Kill it from a distance to avoid corrosion.

J Slime creature.png Slime creature- While individually unassuming, multiple slime creatures can pile onto each other to create enormous, devastatingly powerful mountains of slime.

J Quicksilver ooze.png Quicksilver ooze- Exceptionally fast oozes that can disrupt spells with their attacks and disrupt spellcasters by smothering them.

J Azure jelly.png Azure jelly- These swift-moving blobs have freezing-branded attacks in place of acid, dealing massive melee damage to characters unprepared for cold.

J Acid blob.png Acid blob- One of the most dreaded denizens of the Slime Pits, these blobs are swift, powerful, and can spit acid to melt distant foes.

J Rockslime.png Rockslime- Highly durable slimes shrouded in a layer of stone; their attacks stagger opponents backwards with the force of an avalanche.

J Formless jellyfish.png Formless jellyfish- Dangerous melee creatures with constricting tentacles and a paralysing sting.

Unique Jellies

J Dissolution.png Dissolution- A gelatinous (and hungry) priest of Jiyva, capable of swamping you in swarms of hostile eyeballs.

J The Royal Jelly.png The Royal Jelly- The undisputed ruler of all that lacks form, the Royal Jelly guards the slimy rune of Zot in the lowest depths of the Slime Pits.

Retired jellies

J Death ooze.png Death ooze- Mounds of rotting flesh inexplicably brought to undeath, death oozes inflicted rot instead of corrosion. Removed in 0.27.

J Brown ooze.png Brown ooze- These pests behaved much like regular jellies, engaging in melee to corrode your gear and eating items off the floor, but they hit much harder. Removed in 0.15.

J Pulsating lump.png Pulsating lump- The twisted results of unholy Necromancy, these wretched, slow-moving piles of flesh deformed anything they could reach with their mutation-inducing touch. Removed in 0.15.

J Giant amoeba.png Giant amoeba- The most boring jelly of all, giant amoebas were big, beefy, and vaguely edible, but otherwise unexciting. Removed in 0.14.