Moon troll leather armour

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Version 0.19: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
A suit of armour rumoured to have been created by enchanting the hide of a now-extinct species of troll. Whether the name rings true or is merely appropriated to add mystique is something of a mystery. The armour's innate powers of regeneration and magical protection, however, are hard to dispute.

Moon troll leather armour.png The +4 moon troll leather armour

+4 troll leather armour

Spirit shield
Regeneration (+40)


The moon troll leather armour is a huge upgrade over standard troll leather armour. Although it still offers only average physical defense, its regeneration bonus totals to +80 (40 from the artefact property and 40 for being a troll leather armour) unless you're a troll (they only receive the +40). The spirit shield and extra MP help increase both durability and casting capacity, making it a good selection for casters and EV-based fighters.


The extinct "moon trolls" the item gets its name from were an aborted type of experimental troll which never even reached trunk. Permanently invisible and surrounded by a Tornado effect, they would have been found in a moon-themed mini-branch that was never released.


In 0.17, Lehudib's Moon Base was introduced, finally allowing players to encounter the fearsome moon troll.

The base regeneration rate of this armour was changed from +30 to +40 in 0.14 (Regen++), for a total of +80.

Moon troll leather armour was added in 0.13.