Troll leather armour

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Version 0.19: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Name Troll Leather Armour
Size to wear all
Armour Class 4
Encumbrance rating -4
GDR 19%
Maximum Enchantment +4
Grants regeneration
Time to Wear 5

A suit of armour made from the stiff and knobbly skin of a troll. It magically regenerates its wearer's flesh.

"THE TROLL KING: Now, listen, Prince Peer, and give way to reason!
You're cut out for a troll. Why, look, already
You bear yourself quite in a troll-like fashion!
And you want to become one, don't you?
PEER GYNT: Of course.
In return for a bride and a well-found kingdom
I'm not unwilling to sacrifice something;
But all things have a natural limit.
I have taken a tail, it is true; but, then,
I can undo the knots that our friend has tied
And take the thing off. I have shed my breeches;
They were old and patched; but that won't prevent me
From putting them on if I have a mind to.
I shall probably find it just as easy
To deal with your Trollish way of living.
I can easily swear that a cow's a maiden;
An oath's not a difficult thing to swallow.
But to know that one never can get one's freedom –
Not even to die as a human being –
To end one's days as a Troll of the mountains –
Never go back, as you tell me plainly –
That is a thing that I'll not submit to."

-Henrik Ibsen, _Peer Gynt_. 1867.

Troll leather armour is one of the lightest armours in the game, providing slightly more defense than leather armour with no additional encumbrance rating. It also provides a +40 bonus to the wearer's regeneration rate. This regeneration bonus does not apply to deep dwarves or bloodless vampires.

This armour is rare, but you can get it by random chance from slaying a number of trolls

Note that despite its similarity in name to the less universally wearable leather armour, troll leather armour (and its associated hide) can be worn by any character that can wear body armour, not just small and medium species.


Middling. While troll leather armour is better than comparable mundane armours, its AC value is inferior to all of the dragon armours, it provides no resistances, though its regeneration boost is equivalent to that of an amulet of regeneration, potentially freeing up an amulet slot for you. This can be a good item, particularly for characters who have no other way to speed up their healing, or for ogres and trolls who have yet to find a dragon hide and still wish to improve their durability (albeit slightly), and any EV-based character should keep an eye out for a well-enchanted artefact.

Armour Troll leather armour.png
Troll leather armours
Moon troll leather armour Moon troll leather armour.png


Prior to 0.19, this item was created by from using a scroll of enchant armour on a troll hide.

Prior to 0.18, wearing this armour increased the rate at which the player grew hungry.

Prior to 0.17, player Trolls didn't get a regen bonus for wearing troll leather armour.

Prior to 0.14, troll leather armour only provided +30 regeneration rate.

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