Potion of enlightenment

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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Type Potion
Name Potion of enlightenment
Icon Potion of enlightenment.png
A potion which uplifts both the body and mind of its drinkers, lifting them from the ground and increasing their Will to resist the world's temptations.

Quaffing a potion of enlightenment gives flight and +40 willpower (Will+) for its duration. It lasts for 24 + 1d40 (more) turns (max. 100).

Flight allows you to pass over deep water or lava safely, and negates penalties from shallow water. It does not provide immunity to traps. If the flight runs out while you're over invalid terrain, you don't die, but are drained for every turn you spend in said terrain.


Potions of enlightenment serve a dual purpose. The willpower helps defend against deadly Hexes, which is useful in just about any branch. Conversely, flight is useful in a few select areas, most notably Swamp and Shoals.

  • Willpower is one of the few ways to prevent paralysis, which is a brutal effect. If you have insufficient will from other sources, save some potions against foes who cast Paralyse. Other hexes, such as Petrify, Mesmerise, and Confuse, can also be dangerous in many circumstances.
  • Flight removes the penalties from shallow water. Therefore, it can be useful in order to reposition and/or retreat while in water. It can also be used to cross through certain vaults with deep water/lava. Note that both water and lava are rare in Crawl; you won't find much outside the aforementioned Swamp and Shoals.
    • Note that if you are large (Armataurs, Nagas, Oni, Trolls) or amphibious (Barachi, Merfolk, Octopode), you don't get any penalties from shallow water.
    • If your flight is running out, but you are close to land, consider not drinking another potion. If you only stand in lava for a turn or two, the drain penalty is minor.


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