Rod of warding

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

Type Rod
Name rod of warding
Icon Rod of warding.png
This rod contains spells designed to repel one's enemies.
Spells Type Level
a - Abjuration Evocations 3
b - Condensation Shield Evocations 4
c - Cause Fear Evocations 4
d - Deflect Missiles Evocations 6

A rod of warding is one of the best support items a purely physical character can find. Even without training Evocations, Deflect Missiles can be tremendously useful for dealing with dangerous ranged attackers; throwing it up before entering an obviously dangerous vault can make a huge difference, even if it only lasts the length of one fight. With a little training, the others can be useful too. Abjuration is always appreciated when dealing with summoners capable of calling up demonic allies, Condensation Shield is a decent pre-fight buff when engaging in melee, and Cause Fear essentially functions as an unlimited supply of scrolls of fear (a very useful panic button in low magic resistance branches like the Lair and the Spider's Nest). Just remember that these three spells will be cast at very low power unless you raise you Evocations skill first!


The rod of warding was removed in 0.14.