Condensation Shield

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Condensation shield.png Condensation Shield
Level 4
School1 Ice
Casting noise 3
Spell noise 0
This spell causes a disc of dense vapour to condense out of the air surrounding the caster. It acts like a normal shield, but its stopping power depends solely on the power of the spell, not on the Shields skill. The disc is controlled by the caster's mind and thus will not conflict with the wielding of a two-handed weapon.

Condensation Shield is a level 4 Ice Magic spell which creates a floating disc of icy vapour. This functions like shield without requiring a free hand, adding (3 + Spellpower*0.08) to your SH value (max: 19). This is unaffected by your Shields skill. You cannot cast it while wearing an actual shield, but it does stack with the SH-boosting effects of a Helm card and the Shining One's Divine Shield ability. Condensation Shield's effects will end immediately if you are hit with Fire Magic.


Condensation Shield was removed in 0.18.

Prior to 0.16, Condensation Shield was dependent on Ice Magic skill and added (8 + 0.6*Ice Magic) to your SH value (max: 24). If you character was vulnerable to cold (rC-), Condensation Shield would additionally deal 2-14 cold damage to you per turn. It was also unable to block any ranged attacks.

Prior to 0.12, Condensation Shield was affected by the Shields skill and it allowed to train this skill. Its SH value was 3 + Ice Magic/4.

Prior to 0.5, Condensation Shield's SH value was 2 + Ice Magic/6.