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Version 0.18: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Type Scroll
Name Scroll of identify
Icon Scroll of identify.png
This useful magic scroll allows you to determine the properties of any object.

If used on a deck of cards, this scroll will also give away the top card.

Reading a scroll of identify allows the player to fully identify one item currently in their inventory. It will permanently reveal the number of charges in a wand and reveal any curses, enchantments, or brands.


  • Although scrolls of identify are fairly common, their supply isn't unlimited. Do your best to identify items by experimentation first, and don't bother identifying items that your character won't be using anyway. Generally, this will leave you identifying jewellery first (notably amulets first, followed by rings), and the occasional cursed artifact. "Extra" IDs can be used for odd potions or scrolls, or to reveal the charges on top-tier wands.
  • Identifying a deck of cards reveals both the type of deck and the top card. After the top card is used ,the next card can be revealed via another identify scroll. If there are scrolls to spare, this can be an effective way for a non-Nemelex worshipper to effectively use a valuable Legendary deck.
  • All weapon brands will identify upon sight if they were previously wielded by a monster, and their enchantments automatically identify when wielded, so identifying most regular weapons is unnecessary. However, a magical (i.e. runed or glowing) weapon found lying on the ground has a chance to be branded. That being said, identifying weapons with unknown brands on the ground is advisable in order to avoid wielding an unwanted distortion weapon.
    • If you find a desirable artefact weapon, it is wise to identify it to reveal other egos that it may possess. Some weapons can have undesirable effects when unwielded, such as inflicting contamination, draining, or permanently destroying the item outright.
    • If you spot a monster carrying an enchanted weapon with no evident brand, particularly in the early game, there is a good chance that the weapon will be cursed. On the other hand, these can sometimes be unbranded, high enchantment weapons as well, although they are uncommon.
  • If you have already identified a scroll of identify, You can press ESC to cancel the scroll effect without using it.


Prior to 0.15, scrolls of identify would sometimes allow you to identify up to three items in your inventory.

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