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Version 0.18: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Type Scroll
Name Scroll of noise
Icon Scroll of noise.png
A prank scroll that creates a loud noise when read.

Reading a scroll of noise causes a loud clanging noise to emanate from the player's location, alerting monsters to your presence. At 25 intensity, this is more than twice as loud as shouting by pressing t.


  • Although generally unwise to read, this scroll is useful when exploring the Shoals, as its noise can break the mesmerizing abilities of sirens and merfolk avatars:
Jolted by the loud noise, you snap out of your trance!
  • The loud noise generated by this scroll is also powerful enough to cancel the monster version of Cause Fear upon the player, frequently casted by satyrs, giant orange brains, and eidolons. Note that this will not cancel the effect of fear upon other monsters. It is up to you to determine whether drawing significant attention to your location outweighs the benefit of canceling this effect:
Jolted by the loud noise, you snap out of your terror!
  • If you utilize shouting in your play style to draw monsters to you (e.g. ambushing, hit & run with stairs, verifying an area is cleared of monsters, etc.), a scroll of noise is not entirely useless to you, as its greater noise will draw monsters from further away. Keep that in mind as you run across them.

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