Seal Doors

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Version 0.16: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Seal doors is a monster-only spell which seals shut not only doors but stairs as well, making them impassible/unusable until the duration of the effect ends, the vault warden which created the seal is killed, or the seal has been destroyed. A door that is sealed shut will immediately shove any items, creatures, or even you out of the way in the process of closing; there is no way to prevent the effect.

The following monsters can cast seal doors:

p Vault warden.png Vault warden

Destroying a sealed door

The following can be utilized as a means of destroying a sealed door:

However, note that sealed staircases cannot be destroyed (what would you gain from this anyway?) and the only way to lift a seal is to wait for it to dissipate (not advisable since the vault guard will most likely re-cast it immediately) or to kill the vault guard.


Prior to 0.13 seal doors was not able to seal stairways, and sealed doors could be affected by digging and disintegration.

Seal doors was added in 0.12 along with the vault wardens.