Seal Doors

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Version 0.28: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Imparts seals on nearby doors and stairs, preventing those not allied with the caster from traversing them.

Seal Doors is a monster-only spell which seals shut not only doors, but stairs as well, making them impassible/unusable by the player until the duration of the effect ends, the vault warden which created the seal is killed, or the seal has been destroyed. A door that is sealed shut will immediately shove any items, creatures, or even players out of the way in the process of closing; there is no way to prevent the effect. Even broken doors can be sealed -- this will leave behind a functional door once the seal wears off.

Normally it affects all doors and stairs in an 8-tile radius around the vault warden, but there is a tension mechanic that tries to avoid trapping dangerous monsters behind an affected door, and a door that the vault warden is standing in will not be affected.

The following enemies cast Seal Doors:

Opening or destroying a sealed door

The following can be utilized as a means of destroying a sealed door:

Sealed staircases cannot be destroyed (and in any event that would be useless).

Sealed doors can, however, be opened by monsters, usually because they were aware of you but on the other side of the door when it closed. This breaks the seal, but the tension mechanic makes this unlikely. It is possible to leave via the door when this happens, but it is likely the vault warden will recast the spell soon.