Siren Song

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Version 0.26: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Sings a haunting song, making nearby victims unwilling to move away from the singer. Leaving the caster's line of sight will end the effect.

Siren Song is a monsters-only ability that mesmerises the player, preventing them from moving away from the singer. It can be blocked with silence (either via spell or a scroll of silence) or with sufficient willpower.

If a player has been mesmerized, they can break free by killing or otherwise incapacitating the caster (polymorph, confusion, petrification, fear, and silence all work) or breaking line of sight with a scroll of fog, teleport, or uncontrolled blink (controlled blinks, such as those from reading a scroll of blinking, cannot move you away from the caster).

The following enemies cast Siren Song:


  • Prior to 0.20, creating a sufficiently loud enough noise, such by reading scroll of noise or casting Lightning Bolt, could break the mesmerisation.
  • Prior to version 0.16, this ability could force the player to draw closer to the caster in addition to mesmerising them. That ability has since been moved to Avatar Song with the renaming of mermaids and sirens into sirens and merfolk avatars, respectively.