Sword of the Doom Knight

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
An adamantine great sword. Its first wielder was a worshipper of Yredelemnul who eschewed the use of magic in combat, preferring to destroy her enemies with brute force. Unfortunately for her, not all of her opponents shared her limitations.

Sword of the doom knight.png the +13 sword of the Doom Knight

+13 great sword

Pain brand
+40 MR
Prevents Spellcasting


The sword of the Doom Knight is an extremely powerful artefact great sword, but few characters will be able to use it to its full potential. While any Long Blades specialist can appreciate a +13 great sword with +40 magic resistance, the inability to cast spells is annoying at best and deadly at worst. Swapping weapons every time you need to cast a spell isn't a huge amount of wasted time, but it can make a big difference in critical situations. Also, to get any use at all out of the weapon's pain brand, you'll need to invest heavily in Necromancy. Once there, however, it is an exceptionally powerful weapon against most living foes... but by the time you've trained Long Blades and Necromancy sufficiently, you might be running out of those. This weapon's minimum attack delay of 0.7 is reached at skill level 18! Don't be afraid to use this weapon, but don't be surprised if you find a nicely enchanted triple sword more appealing.


  • In 0.32, the sword of the Doom Knight will return. Instead of the Pain brand, it will have a unique Doom brand that inflicts additional damage proportional to its victim's maximum health.
  • In 0.19, this great sword was removed.