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It's not always a runed door in the wormcave Lair:8 0.12 I found. Also can be just a simple door with a plant in front of it. If your stealth is sufficiently high the dragon will be sound sleeping - ready to be stabbed to death. -- Bwijn 18:33, 31 May 2013 (CEST)

Surprisingly an orc wizard spawned in 0.12 Lair:2. No reason why, no Xom or mutation influence. Up to now I expected that this level is a reliable stash. No longer true? -- Bwijn 21:23, 1 June 2013 (CEST)

I think orcs have always been able to spawn there, just not respawn. Not 100% sure though. --Lokkij 21:44, 1 June 2013 (CEST)
That's very strange... I can't think of any reason why an orc would be there. Blork the orc spawns with a group of orcs, but he can't spawn down there either... I think the only reason why an orc wizard would be on Lair:2 would be for it to come down the stairs from the Dungeon to Lair:1 (which can definitely happen) and then step on a shaft trap. That would send it to Lair:2. It's a weird event, but I think that's the only logical one. --MoogleDan 02:13, 2 June 2013 (CEST)
That could be, Dan. I've never before seen it happen. Just uniques in Lair:2 have always been a nuisance to be coped with. By the way, I've made a cut snapshot (by Win accessory Paint) to prove it. Just if you want to see the scenery - the remembered locations of foes are shown, even the white shilouetted invisible orc wiz. I had taken the stairs to escape his conjurations. -- Bwijn 10:56, 2 June 2013 (CEST)
Nah, that's fine. It's believable as is. If you'd found one on Lair:3 I'd be MUCH more skeptical. --MoogleDan 15:32, 2 June 2013 (CEST)

How to get the xtra treasure lin Lair:8 ?

How to get the xtra treasure lin Lair:8 ? I'm playing 0.16 tournament and was quite happy to have due-jungle-book temple as Lair:8 endgame. I managed the anaconda and multiple dire elephants quite well. But I'm annoyed that I can no longer get the extra treasure object outside the temple building as I used to. If it wasn't a randart ring and I'd need some better stuff (shortness of jewellery) I wouldn't care. Well, I tried apportation spell - didn't work. Error message tells me "There's something in the way". Oops. The only sth is a dire elephant statue. Otherwise the ring is encircled by trees. So I intentionally learned Fireball spell to burn them away - does no longer work! Grrr! A crazy DCSS programmer has fumbled it. Error message: "You can't see any susceptible monsters within range. (Use Z to cast anyway.)". The problem/bug is this "Z" doesn't work. Now I've only one attempt left. I've got a ring of teleport and a ring of teleport control. Maybe I can jump there (my flight capability helps nothing to get over those puny trees, ironically)? Ouaah, "expect minor deviation" can mean quite a distance! (2x) Alas, I'm momentaneous not in possession of scrolls of blinking. Anybody out there who has some more successful ideas? -- Bwijn (talk) 11:23, 17 March 2015 (CET)

I find it very unlikely that Z-casting doesn't work anymore. That's a capital Z, not a lower case z, and it should allow you to cast any spell you know at a tile of your choosing. Alternatively, you could use a wand of fire or wand of lightning to burn the tree down; simply aim it one tile short of the tree and press Enter to fire at the wand's full range. Burning those trees down is the intended method of reaching the loot. I'm fairly certain they would have patched non-burning trees almost immediately; that's bizarre. However, if you really believe it is a bug, I'd post it to the Tavern and see what they tell you. --MoogleDan (talk) 14:56, 17 March 2015 (CET)
Well, I later came by with a scroll of blinking that did the transport job allright. As for 'Z' I tried it 3x w/o success. Maybe the old keyboard diff plays a role: in German keyboard design 'z' and 'y' are just swaped keys compared to english keyboard. I did't catch this possibility at that time and made no attempt. It's a harmless small note in the huge book of DCSS. -- Bwijn (talk) 14:29, 18 March 2015 (CET)