Young Poisoner's Handbook

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Version 0.24: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Spellbook.png Young Poisoner's Handbook
Primary school Poison
Rarity 5/20
An introductory book for the magic arts of poison.

The Young Poisoner's Handbook is the starting book for Venom Mages.


Tile Spell Type Level
Sting.png a - Sting Conjuration/Poison 1
Poisonous vapours.png b - Poisonous Vapours Air/Poison 2
Mephitic cloud.png c - Mephitic Cloud Air/Conjuration/Poison 3
Olgreb's toxic radiance.png d - Olgreb's Toxic Radiance Poison 4
Venom bolt.png e - Venom Bolt Conjuration/Poison 5

Further Reading

The Book of Envenomations provides more advanced poison magic, though Poison Arrow, the only level 6 poison spell, only appears in the Book of Annihilations.


In 0.20, Alistair's Intoxication was replaced by Poisonous Vapours.

Prior to 0.19, the book contained Cure Poison instead of Alistair's Intoxication.

Prior to 0.9, the book contained Poison Weapon instead of Olgreb's Toxic Radiance.