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Version 0.18: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Electricity is one of the less common elemental forces you will encounter as you explore the Dungeon. Both players and monsters can take advantage of electricity through spells or specially branded weapons, though some monsters also possess innate electric abilities.

Electricity Damage

Electricity damage can only be reduced by a character's electricity resistance (rElec) intrinsic, but only one rank is needed for full protection (66% damage reduction).

Electricity Sources

It is relatively easy for characters to gain access to sources of electricity damage. Almost any character type can benefit from common electrocution-branded weapons, which deal additional electricity damage on top of their normal physical damage to appropriate enemies.

Zapping a wand of lightning allows almost any character to inflict electricity damage at range, softening up threats from a distance or killing them outright. Some rods and other evocable items also have electricity damage options available, usually with greater damage potential but at a greater cost.

The Air Magic school is also available to air elementalists or any character with Spellcasting capabilities and an appropriate book. This school provides a balance of combat, utility, and defense spells, making it excellent for characters who deal their damage in other ways.

Electricity Resistance

You can acquire electricity resistance from a number of sources:

Damage Reduction

In most cases, if the player has any form (and amount) of electricity resistance, this will be treated as having 1 level of electricity resistance, reducing the damage by 67%. For example, this is the case of ranged attacks. For electricity-branded melee attacks, it will count as two levels. Monsters' ability to resist electricity is more variable, ranging from a 67% reduction to invulnerability.

Resistance Level Damage Taken (Player) Damage Taken (Monster)
1 33% 33%
2 25% 17%
3 17% 0%

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In 0.18, rElec reduces damage by two-thirds, rather than three-quarters.

Prior to version ???, powerful electrical attacks (such as from the electrocution brand) would spread out through [[shallow water, dealing damage to nearby creatures standing in the water.

Prior to version 0.13, being airborne gave immunity to the electrocution brand and resistance to Static Discharge.