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Version 0.28: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Your character can gain various intrinsics, or special properties. They are shown when you press %:

  • Willpower stops you from being affected by enemy Hexes, and can be found on rings and armour as well as artefacts and quicksilver dragon scales. All races gain some amount of innate will, ranging from 3 will per XL for most races to 7 will per XL for spriggans - enough to make them virtually immune to all hexes ("hostile enchantments") by XL 27 without any external equipment.
  • Some mutations and artefact properties give other bad intrinsics: notably teleportitis or *Tele, -Tele (also intrinsic to formicids through stasis), berserkitis or *Rage, and -Cast, which randomly teleport the player next to monsters from time to time, stop the player from translocating at all, give the player a chance to go berserk on every attack, and stop the player from casting spells, respectively.
  • HP regeneration rate can be affected by higher max HP and the regeneration intrinsic, found as a mutation and a property found on amulets and artefacts. MP regeneration rate is similarly affected by higher max MP, but also from the amulet of magic regeneration and artefact amulets.


Over time, the available intrinsics have varied dramatically: