Fan of gales

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Version 0.19: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Type Miscellaneous item
Name fan of gales
Icon Fan of gales.png
An enchanted fan inhabited by benevolent air spirits. Swinging the fan unleashes a blast of wind around the bearer and sets the spirits free to sweep away the bearer's enemies. Once released, the spirits within this device will dissipate, leaving it inert, though new ones may be attracted as its bearer battle through the dungeon and grows in wisdom and power.

A fan of gales is an evocable item which calls forth a wind blast.

Using this item depletes it, rendering it inert, but it will recharge each time you gain sufficient experience while it is in your possession.

Carrying multiple fans is no more useful than carrying one, since evoking one causes all fans, both carried and stashed, to become temporarily inert.


The wind blast is very useful for pushing back enemies that have gotten too close.


Prior to 0.19, using this item would summon up to three allied air elementals.

Prior to 0.14, all elemental evokers recharged simultaneously.

In 0.13 this item replaced the air elemental fan.