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(Updated to 0.16)
(updated to 0.16)
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|flags={{Evil flag}}<br>
|resistances={{Negative energy resistance 3}}, {{Torment resistance}}, <br>{{Rot resistance}}
|resistances={{Negative energy resistance 3}}, {{Torment resistance}}, <br>{{Rot resistance}}
|vulnerabilities={{Holy vulnerability 2}}, {{Holy wrath vulnerability}}
|vulnerabilities={{Holy vulnerability 2}}, {{Holy wrath vulnerability}}

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Version 0.16: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
sixfirhy 4Sixfirhy.png
HP 25-53
HD 7
XP 506
Speed 40 (move: 60%)
AC 2
EV 20
MR 60
Attack1 15 (hit: electricity: 7-9)

Type of Meat None
Resistances rN+++, rTorm,
Vulnerabilities Holy, Holy wrath
Habitat Land
Intelligence Normal
Uses Open doors
Holiness Demonic
Size Little
Type sixfirhy, sixfirhy
Flags Evil
A small vile creature that moves in bursts, stopping then darting with lightning speed. It seems to throw sparks all around.

It can heal from electrical damage, although being hit by more than it can handle will have rather violent results.

“I saw a mouth jeering. A smile of melted red iron ran over it. Its laugh was full of nails rattling. It was a child’s dream of a mouth.
A fist hit the mouth: knuckles of gun-metal driven by an electric wrist and shoulder. It was a child’s dream of an arm.
The fist hit the mouth over and over, again and again. The mouth bled melted iron, and laughed its laughter of nails rattling.
And I saw the more the fist pounded the more the mouth laughed. The fist is pounding and pounding, and the mouth answering.”
-Carl Sandburg, “Gargoyle”, _Cornhusker_. 1918.

Useful Info

Sixfirhies are electricity-themed tier-4 demons. With a speed of 40 (which is treated as 66 for movement purposes), they are easily the fastest creatures in the game; fortunately, they tend to pass most of their actions, only moving in bursts of a few turns every now and then. All the same, they have surprisingly painful melee attacks which deal 7-9 additional electricity damage if you lack resistance. They can be found in the Abyss, Pandemonium, and the Hells, and some enemies may summon them with the Summon Demon spell.

Tips & Tricks

  • Like any ultra-fast opponent, characters with high AC will see a particularly dramatic reduction in their damage output compared to low-AC characters, especially if they also have rElec.
  • Don't use weak electricity attacks against them, as it only causes them to regain HP. If you've got a powerful enough spell, however, you can use it on a sixfirhy to overload it and kill it instantly.