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Summon horrible things.png Summon Horrible Things
Level 8
School1 Summoning
Casting noise 6
Spell noise 0
This spell opens a gate to the Abyss and calls through one or more hideous abominations from that dreadful place. The powers who answer this invocation require of casters a portion of their intellect in exchange for this service.

Summon Horrible Things is a LV8 Summoning spell that will bring to your aid a handful of large abominations and/or the occasional tentacled monstrosity. With a ring of sustain abilities, a successful casting will sometimes temporarily cost you a point of Intelligence. Two pips of sustain abilities will completely negate this effect.


This is one of the most powerful summoning spells in the game, since abominations hit quite hard - up to 40 damage per hit - and the spell summons several at a time. Tentacled monstrosities can see invisible, and so are one of the few summons not helpless against an invisilich. Players colloquially refer to this spell as 'XXX'.

Presently, the only monster in the game to cast Summon Horrible Things, apart from the occasional player ghost, is Mnoleg. Unless you are an AC character, you'll want abjuration.

General Mechanics

With each casting, there's a 20% chance of suffering a temporary 1-3 INT loss (theoretically killing you if your INT drops below 0). To summarize the formula generating the monster horde: higher spell power confers a larger horde and weighted towards tentacled monstrosities; no more than 8 large abominations; no more than 2 tentacled monstrosities.

Chance of intelligence damage:
Int lost: 0 1 2 3


80% 6.6% 6.6% 6.6%


86.6% 13.3% - -


100% - - -