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Version 0.25: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
ynoxinul 3Ynoxinul.png
HP 21-44
HD 6
XP 213
Speed 10
AC 3
EV 10
Will 40
Attack1 12 (hit: plain)

Resistances rC+
Vulnerabilities Holy
Habitat Land
Intelligence Human
Uses Open doors
Holiness Demonic
Size Medium
Type ynoxinul, ynoxinul
Flags Flying
A winged demon covered in shiny metallic scales. It has a legion of minor demons under its command.

“He fixed his eyes upon the door, which, slowly opening, disclosed a stranger of majestic form, but scowling features, who demanded sternly, why he was summoned? ‘I did not summon you,’ said the trembling student. ‘You did!’ said the stranger, advancing, angrily; ‘and the demons are not to be invoked in vain.’ The student could make no reply; and the demon, enraged that one of the uninitiated should have summoned him out of mere presumption, seized him by the throat and strangled him.

When Agrippa returned, a few days afterwards, he found his house beset with devils. Some of them were sitting on the chimneypots, kicking up their legs in the air; while others were playing at leapfrog, on the very edge of the parapet. His study was so filled with them that he found it difficult to make his way to his desk.”
-Charles Mackay, _Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions_, Vol. III,
Part I. 1841.

Useful info

Ynoxinuls are tier-3 demons which can call up hordes of ufetubi and pound you at range with physical spells. They are found in the Abyss, Pandemonium, and the Hells, and are often summoned by other monsters through the Summon Demon spell.


Spell set I
Slot1 Iron Shot (3d16) Magical flag
Slot2 Summon Ufetubus Magical flag

Tips & Tricks

  • Iron Shot may look threatening, but these guys have such low HD that it has fairly low accuracy and damage. Furthermore, their tendency to surround you with ufetubi the second they see you means they rarely get to use it outside of melee range, where they are quite weak otherwise.
  • The biggest threat from an ynoxinul is that you'll waste time clearing out its summons while more dangerous opponents smite you and/or pelt you with damnation. Don't waste time with minor threats; take out the summoner to remove all the summons.