Alistair's Party Mansion

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Alistair's Party Mansion is a Wizard Laboratory thematically related to parties and the degeneration effect with rooms colored in gray, green, and white. Inside the rooms are degeneration clouds, (permanently confused) wizards, invited guests, and demonspawn corruptor bosses. The loot consists of consumables, gold, any magical staff, potions of degeneration, books, and a condenser vane.


Alistair's Party Mansion has many wizards, but also many "degenerate" monsters. Potions of degeneration are scattered about, and clouds of degeneration spawn indoors.

Spellbooks, especially those of Transmutations, can be found here. There is also a scroll of acquirement and a condenser vane (if possible).


p Wizard.png Wizard (monster) p Necromancer.png Necromancer (monster) g Boggart.png Boggart u Very ugly thing.png Very ugly thing i Spriggan druid.png Spriggan druid
e Deep elf zephyrmancer.png Deep elf zephyrmancer e Deep elf pyromancer.png Deep elf pyromancer e Deep elf high priest.png Deep elf high priest e Deep elf sorcerer.png Deep elf sorcerer X Tentacled starspawn.png Tentacled starspawn
G Great orb of eyes.png Great orb of eyes G Glowing orange brain.png Glowing orange brain p Glowing shapeshifter.png Glowing shapeshifter B Entropy weaver.png Entropy weaver H Sphinx.png Sphinx
2 Cacodemon.png Cacodemon 2 Green death.png Green death X Tentacled starspawn.png Tentacled starspawn x Worldbinder.png Worldbinder 6 Demonspawn corrupter.png Corrupter

Two demonspawn corrupters wait at the end of the wizlab, at the toprightmost room.


Alistair minimap 029.png

See /dat/des/portals/wizlab.des:2452 (0.29.0) for full map.


  • Alistair's Party Mansion was introduced in 0.28.
  • This wizlab was designed by Hellmonk.