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Version 0.20: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
alligator tAlligator.png
HP 47-96
HD 12
XP 895
Speed 10 (act: 80%; swim: 60%)
AC 5
EV 9
MR 40
Attack1 30 (bite: plain)
Attack2 15 (tail slap: plain)

Max Chunks 9
Type of Meat Clean
Resistances rDrown
Vulnerabilities None
Habitat Amphibious
Intelligence Animal
Uses Uses nothing
Holiness Natural
Size Large
Type crocodile, alligator
Flags Cold-blooded
A sneaky crocodilian that hides in water and waits patiently for its prey to get too close, at which point it puts on a great burst of speed and crushes its victim with massive jaws.

“Alligators commit errors of diet.”
-Bennet Bowler, M.D., _Contributions to the Natural History of the
Alligator, (Crocodilus Mississipiensis), with a Microscopic Addendum_,
p. 17. 1846.

Useful Info

Alligators are a mean step up from crocodiles. They lie in wait, submerged in deep water, until an adventurer walks by before ambushing it with surprising speed and powerful bites. They can be found in the Swamp, with a 20% chance to be accompanied by a second alligator outside of vaults.


Spell set I
Slot1 Sprint Natural flag

Tips & Tricks

  • They are faster than their speed of 10 would suggest. Their "act" value of 80% means that even on land, they attack at roughly the same rate as a speed 12-13 monster, while their "swim" value of 60% means they are Spriggan speed in water. Add in their Swiftness spell which works on land, and you have a monster that is considerably faster than average.
  • Their magic resistance is non-trivial, but a gifted Hexer can overcome it. In addition, they lack any elemental resistances and are cold-blooded, making Conjurations reasonably effective against them. They also lack see invisible, making invisibility an appealing option against them.