Alligator snapping turtle

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Version 0.24: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
alligator snapping turtle tAlligator snapping turtle.png
HP 95-192
HD 16
XP 919
Speed 8 (swim: 60%)
AC 19
EV 1
Will 60
Attack1 50 (bite: reach)

Resistances rDrown
Vulnerabilities None
Habitat Amphibious
Intelligence Animal
Uses Uses nothing
Holiness Natural
Size Large
Type snapping turtle, alligator snapping turtle
Flags Cold-blooded
A particularly large and nasty snapping turtle. Like its smaller relative, it can reach out and bite from afar.

Useful Info

Alligator snapping turtles are one of the beefiest threats faced in the Shoals. These brutes hit as hard as krakens (though thankfully without the multiple limbs) and have a reaching attack, making them especially deadly if you're distracted by a pack of harpies or merfolk. Fortunately, they move slowly on land, and they are not resistant to any elements or poison.

Tips & Tricks

  • Don't mistake them for regular snapping turtles. While snapping turtles are dangerous enough, these things are even worse.
  • Remember that it's easy to run from slow enemies. There's no sense in dying in melee to something you can easily kite.


  • Prior to 0.19, they could retreat inside their shells at low HP.