Merfolk (monster)

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Version 0.16: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

For the player race, see merfolk. For a list of merfolk monsters, see List of merfolk

merfolk mMerfolk (monster).png
HP 45-64
HD 10
XP 302
Speed 10 (swim: 60%)
AC 4
EV 12
MR 40
Attack1 22 (hit: plain)

Type of Meat Clean
Resistances rDrown, rWater
Vulnerabilities None
Habitat Amphibious
Intelligence Normal
Uses Weapons & armour
Starting equipment
Open doors
Holiness Natural
Size Medium
Type merfolk, merfolk
Flags Speaks
A hybrid with the torso of a human and the tail of a fish, a merfolk dwells both in water and on land, and fiercely defends its domain.

Useful Info

Merfolk are the nimble, aquatic humanoids who defend the Shoals from interlopers. They are only lightly armoured but may carry decent weapons, usually polearms, a stack of throwing spears, or throwing nets. Be careful not to face them in the water, as they gain combat bonuses when in their own element.

Variant Merfolk

You may encounter a merfolk berserker while exploring one particular vault. These extra-beefy merfolk can call upon Trog for various benefits, and carry a powerful polearm as well as several potions of berserk rage.

Spells: Berserker Rage, Trog's Hand, Brothers in Arms

A particularly angry merfolk warrior, toting a sharp and bloody polearm.

Tips & Tricks

These are the among the easiest opponents you'll encounter while exploring the Shoals. Don't let them wail on you with branded weapons, but you can usually save them for last while dealing with deadlier opponents.