Dream Dust

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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Overwhelms the target with soporific dream dust, putting them to sleep. Additional dream sheep will increase the strength and duration of this effect.

Dream Dust is a monster-only spell exclusive to dream sheep that puts the target to sleep. It is resistible, but does not check willpower -- instead, the spell becomes harder to resist as more dream sheep move into view. Even if a dream sheep is asleep, petrified, or paralysed, it still contributes towards success rate.

Players that are undead (Ghoul, Mummy, bloodless Vampire) or nonliving (Gargoyle, Djinni, Statue Form, Storm Form, Wisp Form) are immune to sleep. Going berserk or having clarity will also make you immune.

# of
1 96% 5 to 7
2 48% 5 to 10
3 32% 5 to 12
4 24% 5 to 15
5 19% 5 to 17
6 16% 5 to 20
7+ < 14% 5 to 20

The following enemies cast Dream Dust: