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Version 0.30: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Puts a targeted creature to sleep. Taking damage will typically wake the target, and loud sounds can potentially do so as well.

Sleep is a status effect and monster-only spell. It prevents the target from moving or attacking until woken up.


Being asleep has the following effects:

  • Creatures are unable to act until woken up.
  • EV is set to almost zero, 2 + size_factor, for players (plus any Repulsion Field mutation). For monsters, EV is set to 0.
  • SH is set to 0.
  • Players take 2.5x damage in melee.[1]
  • Monsters are vulnerable to high-tier stabs.

Both players and monsters will wake up after taking any amount of damage. Monsters can also wake up if you fail a stealth check, or if they hear a noise.


Monsters that are asleep and confused at the same time will exhibit sleepwalking. They are vulnerable to high-tier stabs, but wander around as if they were confused. They can wake up, as with the normal sleep condition, though this doesn't end the confusion status.

Usually, this requires the monster to be confused, then put to sleep, since most ways of confusion will wake a monster up. The spell Alistair's Intoxication can confuse sleeping monsters, however.


For players, you can be immune by being undead (Ghoul, Mummy, bloodless Vampire), nonliving (Gargoyle, Djinni), by having clarity, or being berserk. Undead/nonliving transformations (such as Statue Form or Storm Form) are also immune.

Undead, nonliving, and plant monsters cannot be put to sleep, but they can still generate "dormant".[2] Berserk monsters and monsters that have slept recently are immune to sleep.


Other than the Sleep spell, the sleep status can be inflicted by the following:

Monsters are usually asleep at the time that they are generated (or "dormant", if incapable of sleep).

Monster Spell

The Sleep spell attempts to put the target to sleep. It must have line of fire, and can be resisted by willpower.

The following enemies cast Sleep:

The following enemies may be able to cast Sleep, depending on their spell set:


  • Prior to 0.24, needles of sleeping existed.
  • Prior to 0.15, monsters would tend to fall asleep if enough time has passed since they last encountered the player.