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Version 0.16: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

When patronizing a particular god in Dungeon Crawl, you are sometimes rewarded with a gift from that god. These gifts tend to reflect the overall theme and character of the gift-giving deity, and are typically only rewarded to pious characters (i.e. those who have acquired a significant amount of piety) with some exceptions.

Although all the various powers and abilities a god provides his or her followers might well be viewed as "gifts" as well, Dungeon Crawl vernacular generally only refers to awarded items as gifts, although this too comes with exceptions and alternate uses.

See also Gift Timeout for more regarding these types of gifts

Gods which award gifts

  • Beogh does not provide item gifts to the player, but will occasionally give weapons or armor to one of the player's particularly worthy followers. It also gives the player ability to hand out such gifts themselves
  • Nemelex Xobeh will gift faithful followers many decks of cards, as its domain and powers are centered around such. This gifting is notable in that it begins at lower levels of piety and increases as piety is gained.
  • Sif Muna will gift very pious followers with many spell books.
  • Vehumet will periodically gift the opportunity to memorize various destructive spells.
  • Xom the Unpredictable, as its title suggests, will occasionally gift items, which vary widely in type, amount, and quality.
  • Yredelemnul does not gift items but will provide followers "gifts" of undead servants

Gods which do not provide gifts