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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.


About spells

A spell is a magical effect that the player can produce at will, provided they have sufficient MP and are skilled enough in the spell's magic schools. Spells are learned from books.

Every spell has the following:

  • A level, which is an indication of how difficult the spell is. Characters with an experience level lower than the spell's level cannot learn the spell. For example, a level 1 Wizard cannot learn the level 2 spell Blink. Higher level spells also require more magical skill to cast.
"You're too inexperienced to learn that spell!"
  • A number of magic schools, which indicate the nature of magic that the spell uses. For example, Conjurations is the school of magic which handles things being created out of thin air, and is therefore the school to which most projectile attacks belong. A spell often belongs to more than one school.

Every character has a number of spell levels, which increase as the player gains experience levels and levels in Spellcasting and is a measure of how much magic they can learn.

Spell levels = 2×Spellcasting + Experience level-1

To be able memorize a spell you need an amount of free spell levels equal to the level of the spell. Otherwise:

"You can't memorise that many levels of magic yet!"

In any case, you can't memorize more than 21 spells.

"Your head is already too full of spells!"

Some spells can't be memorized by some races:

Also, in the list all spells menu, the spell will be greyed out or white depending on two circumstances: whether or not something is in range for it, and if you have enough mana. If either of these things isn't true, the spell is greyed out. If both are true, the spell is white.

Casting spells

Spells are cast by pressing z and selecting one of the learned spells. The interface will prevent players from casting spells if there seems to be no reason to (no monsters around being the most common reason), although all spells can be forced by pressing Z.

Once a player has learned a spell, that spell gains a new set of player-dependent properties:

  • Power level: how powerful the spell will be if cast successfully. For example, more powerful conjuration spells do more damage, more powerful summoning spells summon more dangerous monsters (and more of them).
  • Range: how far the spell can be cast, if the spell has a ranged effect. This may be increased with power.
  • Hunger: how much hunger the spell causes when cast.

Monsters casting spells

Monsters can also cast most of the spells available to the players, but the mechanics are very different:

  • Monsters don't have MP.
  • Monsters can't miscast spells, except when they are under the effects of the antimagic brand.
  • Monsters can cast spells only when there is a foe in their LOS. The only exceptions to this rule are Dig, Minor Healing and Major Healing.
  • Monsters can't cast spells when they are: confused, paralysed, submerged, or berserk.
  • Each monster can cast up to 6 different spells.
  • Polymorphed uniques will retain their spells in their new form. Shapeshifters don't get spells.
  • Monsters don't cast spells less often when they are able to attack in melee, with ranged weapons or with wands.


Prior to 0.10, it was necessary to have one level in Spellcasting to be able to memorize spells.

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