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Version 0.25: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

There are three good gods in Dungeon Crawl's pantheon who are allied together in the fight against evil: Zin the Law-Giver, the Shining One, and Elyvilon the Healer.


The good gods, being allies, have several features in common:

  • Strict codes of conduct to which followers must abide.
  • Hatred for all evil monsters, gods, weapons, and magic (Necromancy).
  • No divine retribution for leaving their religion or converting to another god, unless it is evil. Penance is still incurred, but the god simply does not act upon it. This is true even when switching to another good god.
  • A sizable chunk of starting piety for switching to another good god.
  • Several defensive and protective powers granted to their followers, requiring the training of Invocations.
  • Good gods may intervene to save your life on an otherwise fatal blow.
  • Undead species and demonspawn are not allowed to worship good gods.

Code of Conduct

The good gods share a code of conduct. Common elements across all three are:

  • No cannibalism.
  • No Necromancy.
  • No unholy items.
    • Wielding unholy weapons is fine, but actually attacking with one is not allowed. This allows you to take advantage of non-combat benefits provided by unholy artefact weapons safely. Wearing unholy armour, however, is immediately frowned upon.

Additional requirements

Each god has additional requirements based on their likes and dislikes:

  • Zin hates chaos and mutations, but rewards selfless donations of gold, taking a tithe from the gold followers pick up.
  • The Shining One demands honourable combat and the slaying of undead and demons. The Shining One also appreciates followers scouring the world to encounter its denizens and determine whether they must be purged of evil.
  • Elyvilon preaches a creed of pacifism and allows you to pacify monsters instead of killing them.

See each god's page for more details.


Prior to 0.15, holy monsters would often become friendly and allow the player to pass in peace if you worshiped a good god. This chance was based on your piety.