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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

This article is about the Felid and evocable ability. For the Power Leap, ability see Ru. For the Barachi ability, see Strong Legs.

Jump attack is an ability that allows you to quickly leap into melee range with an enemy, reaching it in spite of intervening obstacles and attacking it all in the time it takes to make a normal attack. You cannot leap through walls or trees, or past flying enemies, and you can only leap over giant or huge enemies if they're currently standing in lava or deep water. Regardless of the enemy's current status effects, you can't stab monsters with this type of attack. Standing or swimming in water, lava, or liquefied ground will prevent you from using this attack at all.

There are two ways to gain this ability:

  • Wearing boots with the jumping ego. Each use costs 2 MP and makes you slightly hungrier. Its success rate depends on Evocations, and its range is set at 4.
  • Felids can jump as a natural ability, costing only some food. Its range and success rate depend on the experience level of the player (range 3 at level 1, 4 at 6, and 5 at 12).

Like berserking and the Death's Door spell, this ability causes exhaustion and cannot be used when exhausted.