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||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| (referred to as Linesprint) is the 9th Dungeon Sprint variant. It attempts to recreate all of Crawl through a series of one-tile wide hallways, separating the various stages of the game with doors.


The player begins in a one wide corridor with a door at one end. Behind the door is the continuation of the corridor with several dungeon one monsters. Through the next door there are several more monsters, this time ranging from dungeon one to dungeon three. Behind the next door an Ecumenical Temple themed corridor can be found, giving the player access to any god of their choice. Through the next door is your first provision corridor, containing basic scrolls, potions, armor, a damaging wand, weapons, and two rings. There is also a small chance that one of the weapons will be an artifact, giving a potential boost early on. After this the corridor continues passing through themes, which the door should display when examined. These themes include most of the game, increasing in difficulty. There are several provision corridors scattered throughout the level, usually allowing for one or two equipment upgrades. Later in the game the player fights Swamp Four, Shoals Four, Snake Pit Four and Spider's Nest Four consecutively, then the Vaults. Then the character must then fight through the dreaded Hall of Zot. After beating the hall there is an empty corridor with the Orb of Zot lying in the middle. The player may choose to take the Orb and escape at that point, but for the brave hearted there is a door to the extended endgame at the end of the corridor, offering more confident characters the chance for a full seventeen rune run. (Seventeen because one gets 2 additional Lair branch runes and an Elven rune, but there is no demonic rune).


  • Linesprint was added in 0.13.