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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
A disposable arcane formula inscribed on parchment by a professional scribe or sorcerer. Anyone can evoke the power of the arcane formula by reading it out loud, but the nature of that power is not a priori apparent.

Scroll.pngScrolls are consumable items which, when read (command r), provide a wide variety of magical effects. They can be found as randomly generated loot or bought in certain shops. Unidentified scrolls will have gibberish names until you've identified them, either by reading them or through use of a scroll of identify. These names are randomly generated each game, and provide no clues as to the scroll's effect.

Every character is able to read by default. However, the following status effects disable scroll-reading entirely:

Reading an unidentified scroll will destroy it, except for the scroll of acquirement (which always persists). However, if you read an identified scroll that requires a decision, you can safely change your mind by pressing Escape and without spending any time doing so.

Scrolls are always read at the start of your turn. Usually, it takes 1.0 turn to "read" a scroll. In this case, the scroll effects happen first, immediately, and then you spend the rest of the 1.0 turn doing nothing.

Monsters cannot read scrolls.

List of Scrolls

Tile Scroll of ... Rarity[1] Description
Scroll of acquirement.png acquirement Very Rare Gives a choice of three items to acquire tailored to your skills, or a pile of gold.
Scroll of amnesia.png amnesia Uncommon Allows you to forget a spell, freeing up spell levels.
Scroll of blinking.png blinking Uncommon Blinks you to an empty space within line of sight, with complete control.
Scroll of brand weapon.png brand weapon Rare Applies a random brand to a chosen non-artefact weapon.
Scroll of butterflies.png butterflies Uncommon Fills the area around you with friendly butterflies, blowing other creatures away to make space. In a given game, this scroll is mutually exclusive with the scroll of summoning.
Scroll of enchant armour.png enchant armour Uncommon Adds +1 to the enchantment of a chosen non-artefact armour piece or shield.
Scroll of enchant weapon.png enchant weapon Uncommon Adds +1 to the enchantment of a chosen non-artefact weapon.
Scroll of fear.png fear Uncommon Attempts to cause fear in all enemies within line of sight, with a willpower check, causing them to run away if successful.
Scroll of fog.png fog Uncommon Creates spreading fog to reduce line of sight.
Scroll of identify.png identify Very Common Identifies one type of unknown potion or scroll.
Scroll of immolation.png immolation Uncommon Applies inner flame to all creatures in line of sight, causing a fiery explosion on their death.
Scroll of noise.png noise Uncommon Makes a loud noise.
Scroll of poison.png poison Rare Fills every unoccupied space within your line of sight with a poisonous cloud.
Scroll of revelation.png revelation Uncommon Maps the current floor. Provides the ability to see through walls and see invisible for 1 turn.
Scroll of silence.png silence Rare Creates an aura of silence, preventing the use of spells and divine abilities, and the reading of scrolls.
Scroll of summoning.png summoning Uncommon Summons creatures that would normally appear as enemies on the current floor—equivalent to a few casts of the enemy spell Shadow Creatures. In a given game, this scroll is mutually exclusive with the scroll of butterflies.
Scroll of teleportation.png teleportation Common Teleports you to a random location on the current level after 3–5 turns, or cancels a current teleport if the player is currently being teleported.
Scroll of torment.png torment Rare Torments all creatures within line of sight, including the user.
Scroll of vulnerability.png vulnerability Uncommon Halves the willpower of all creatures within line of sight, including the user.


Rarity per individual scroll, rounded to the nearest tenth.[2]

  • Very Common: 26.1%
  • Common: 13.1%
  • Uncommon: 4.7%
  • Rare: 2.0%
  • Very Rare: 1.2%

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  • Prior to 0.31, monsters could read scrolls (at the time of this change, the only scroll monsters could read were scrolls of summoning).
  • In 0.28, scroll rarities were made more consistent. Prior to this version, being brainless only imposed an 80% fail rate to read scrolls (in order to allow removing curse).
  • Prior to 0.27, the Blurry Vision mutation existed; it slowed your reading of scrolls, causing them to take effect later.
  • Prior to 0.16, the Blurry Vision mutation imposed a flat failure rate upon attempting to read a scroll that increased per rank.
  • Prior to 0.15, any time you suffered fire or hellfire damage, there was a chance your scrolls would be subject to item destruction. The conservation ego reduced the chance of this happening, as did having a high AC.
  • Prior to 0.14, reading scrolls at inappropriate times (a scroll of remove curse when you have no cursed items equipped, for example) would waste the scroll without actually identifying it.
  • Prior to 0.10, reading scrolls was the only way for a character without magical abilities to gain access to them, allowing you to train Spellcasting.

Obsolete Scrolls


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