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Version 0.23: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

This page is about the various demonspawn monsters. For the player species, see demonspawn.

A half-mortal, half-demonic creature, with its hellish heritage asserting itself through a certain devilish cast to its features.

Demonspawn are the accursed offspring of demons and mortals, seemingly ordinary in youth, but gradually showing more and more of their infernal heritage as they grow. These beings wander the halls of Pandemonium, serving the Pandemonium lords and assaulting anyone foolish enough to invade.

Unlike their demonic brethren, demonspawn lack any guaranteed immunities; poison and torment affect them like they would any mortal being. They each come with a particular mutation set, however, granting them additional abilities, and occasionally they have occupations that further enhance their deadliness. The sheer variety of demonspawn you can encounter requires you to be ready for a little bit of everything, though they are by no means the most dangerous inhabitants of Pandemonium.

Base Demonspawn

6 Demonspawn (monster).png Demonspawn - Basic demonspawn whose heritage hasn't come in yet. Mostly harmless and probably a shapeshifter in disguise.

Demonspawn Mutation Sets

6 Infernal demonspawn.png Infernal demonspawn- Fiery demonspawn who infuse their attacks with flames and shrug off your own fire-based attacks.

6 Gelid demonspawn.png Gelid demonspawn- Icy demonspawn that protect themselves with their icemail and resist cold damage well.

6 Monstrous demonspawn.png Monstrous demonspawn- Bestial demonspawn who throw themselves into combat in a frenzy of claws and horns. They have more durability than their brethren and deal more damage in melee.

6 Torturous demonspawn.png Torturous demonspawn- Spine-covered demonspawn who wound those who attack them and grow stronger as they take damage.

Demonspawn Occupations

6 Blood saint.png Blood saint- Demonspawn that can temporarily bolster their allies and hurl wild blasts of magic at their foes.

6 Black sun.png Black sun- Powerful necromancers that enable their allies' attacks to drain various energies from their foes.

6 Warmonger.png Warmonger- Powerful warriors who can quash enemy spellcasters while hasting their allies.

6 Corrupter.png Corrupter- Demonspawn that twist the flesh of their enemies and call powerful monsters from elsewhere in the dungeon.

Retired Demonspawn

6 Putrid demonspawn.png Putrid demonspawn- Foul-smelling demonspawn that drew strength from the corpses of the fallen; they were nearly immune to poison.

6 Chaos champion.png Chaos champion- Unpredictable combatants that smote opponents with chaos and could shuffle the positions of all creatures nearby.


  • Putrid demonspawn and chaos champions bit the dust in 0.19.
  • All non-base demonspawn monster varieties were added in 0.14.