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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

This page is about various spriggan monsters. For the player race, see spriggan.

The spriggans are the diminutive guardians of the few forested areas found in the Dungeon and its branches. They are fairly fragile, but have exceptional speed and evasion and often poison their foes at range or attack them with naturalistic magic.

Spriggan Types

i Spriggan.png Spriggan - Lightly-armed but swift opponents who may use branded short blades and bucklers.

i Spriggan druid.png Spriggan druid - Spellcasters who can call forth beasts as reinforcements and can even awaken the trees themselves.

i Spriggan rider.png Spriggan rider - Spriggan soldiers mounted on hornets, they often wield spears and occasionally darts.

i Spriggan berserker.png Spriggan berserker- Tiny worshipers of Trog with lightning-quick attacks and the ability to call in raging reinforcements.

i Spriggan air mage.png Spriggan air mage- Diminutive masters of Air Magic who are nearly untouchable with ranged weapons.

i Spriggan defender.png Spriggan defender- The elite guardians of the spriggan people, they are exceedingly nimble and very well-equipped.

Unique Spriggans

i Agnes.png Agnes- A hard-hitting spriggan lajatang-wielder who moves quickly and can take a punch or two.

i The Enchantress.png The Enchantress- The ruler of the spriggans, she wields powerful Hexes and has a curious suit of faerie dragon scales along with frustratingly high evasion.


  • Monstrous spriggans were added in 0.7.