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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Name Lajatang
Skill Staves
Damage 16
Accuracy -3
Base delay (%) 14 (140%)
Min delay 7 at skill 14
Hands 2H
Size Large
Ranged? No
A very rare and extremely effective weapon, featuring a pole with half-moon blades at both ends.
This weapon falls into the 'Staves' category. It is a two handed weapon.

Lajatangs are the most powerful staves as far as melee combat is concerned. They feature rather high damage output and high speed for relatively little skill investment, and it is possible to find one with the speed brand, making it even faster.

Note that they chop off hydra heads, so you may wish to carry a quarterstaff for those situations. Spellcasters may wish to use one of the various magical staves to enhance their magical abilities instead of using a strictly melee weapon, although those without much skill in Evocations may still wish to keep a lajatang around as a melee backup. Be aware, however, that its two-handedness makes it take considerable time to switch to if you are wearing a shield.

Mundane Lajatang1.png
Magical Lajatang2.png
Artifact Lajatang3.png
Lajatang of Order Lajatang of Order.png
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