List of tentacles

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Tentacles are an unusual type of monster that span more than one tile. The most common tentacles count as parts of larger creatures (such as krakens), so harming them will also harm their owner.

Tentacle types

w Kraken tentacle.png Kraken tentacle- The great crushing limbs of a terrible kraken.

w Starspawn tentacle.png Starspawn tentacle- Tentacled starspawn ensnare those who wander the Abyss in an endless barrage of tentacles, then pull them into their waiting maw.

w Eldritch tentacle.png Eldritch tentacle- A curious, nightmarish thing of chaos from beyond our reality, summoned through a malign gateway.

w Snaplasher vine.png Snaplasher vine-A tentacle-like plant controlled by a dryad which can be summoned by Summon Forest.